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Baseball and Bobbleheads: Louisville’s Cookie Lady Honored

Elizabeth Kizito has become a Louisville icon. Her story is one of inspiration and determination. She arrived here in the US from Uganda at the age of 17 with literally nothing more than hopes and dreams. To learn more about her humble beginnings and her story of success, follow the link below.

“The Cookie Lady”, as she is most often called, was honored in bobblehead form on Friday night (August 2, 2019) at Slugger Field in Louisville for the game between the Bats and the Toledo MudHens. The first 3,000 ticket holders to come thru the gates received a free bobblehead of this beloved lady.

I had circled the date on the calendar when I found out about it, and told Jeff if we had an open evening, we were going! And, we made it!

I have eaten Kizito cookies since I was very young. She first started selling them in at various events in Louisville. They were single huge homemade cookies wrapped in cellophane. They are still as delicious today as they were back then!

Now, the 4,000 cookies she makes daily are sent all over the country. But, even with her success, she still goes out daily with her basket atop her head (it holds 50 cookies, BTW), and still sells them at local events (every Louisville Bats baseball game, for sure) with her beautiful smile, bright native African wraps and a joyful attitude! I mean, how can you NOT buy one of her delicious cookies when you see her! 😊

The best thing now is, you don’t have to be in Louisville to get them! She ships them anywhere and everywhere!

So, if you ever want to try the softest, most delicious cookies ever, come to Louisville, KY or just go to her website and order. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information on these wonderful cookies or just to learn more about this delightful lady, check out The Cookie Lady’s website!!

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