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And they’re off and running...

Our day at the Kentucky Derby 2021!!

Wow!! First, what glorious weather! We could not have scripted a more beautiful day!

It was truly SO much fun! Now, we didn’t have the best of luck when it came to betting, but the day was still nearly perfect.

Our inspiration for our Derby outfits was the closing scene of Meet Me In St Louis, starring Judy Garland. I have ALWAYS dreamed of wearing one of the ladies beautiful lace dresses and big gorgeous white hats to a festive event, much like they did to the 1904 Worlds Fair in St Louis. And this year I made that dream a reality!

We were so excited to learn that we were on the National TV coverage of Derby Day by CBS!

We have had several people also send us images of us that were used by various newspapers, media outlets, bloggers and tv stations. 😁

If you have seen any, please send the image or link to us in messenger. We would love to have it for our scrapbook. Thank you! ❤️

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