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An evening of laughs and Lucy!

We SO enjoy performing our I Love Lucy Tribute Show, especially for seniors who remember watching Lucy when it originally aired.

The residents at Masonic Homes Kentucky are always a delightful group to perform for. They are always so welcoming and responsive. We enjoy just visiting with them as much as we do performing.

This group has SO many life stories to tell! A new character - and he is quite a character - that we encountered on this recent visit was Jackie Gersher. He is very charming and SO funny! AND, he worked in Hollywood and Vegas in the 1960s and early 1970s, meeting some of THE biggest stars of that time - including LUCY!! He has her autograph as well as the autographs of over 250 other stars!! His stories are just amazing! He was carrier for Western Union in those days and delivered messages to some of the most iconic names in Hollywood! He KNEW Frank Sinatra personally! He also lived just down the street from a young group of boys in Hawthorne, CA who were getting a band together in the early ‘60s, practicing in their father’s garage. Jackie walked by one day to see what all the racket was and listened for a bit.

One of the musicians asked what he thought. He told them they would never make it - not with that sound. Too different. He said that to Dennis Wilson. 😳 THE BEACH BOYS!!

Jackie was such a delight to talk to that we hated to bid him goodnight. As he was walking off he was still throwing out one-liners and shtick! He said he got his material from Milton Berle. Let that sink in.


We also met two extremely charming ladies who have been best friends since meeting in the 1937 Flood. THE ‘37 FLOOD!! One is 95 and the other is 94. They both look amazing!!! And, they are as articulate as clear-minded as someone a third their age! Just amazing!!!

Thank you SO much Masonic Homes Kentucky for inviting us again. We absolutely look forward to returning soon!

And, tell Jackie to get his opening act ready!! ❤️❤️

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