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American Prohibition Museum

If our count is accurate, this was our 7th visit to Savannah. Honestly, as many books as Carrie has read on the “Hostess City of the South”, she could absolutely be a tour guide. No question. There are very few places we have not explored in Savannah. One such place, The American Prohibition Museum, is one that we were dumbfounded as to how we let this one slip by us, unnoticed.

This is really a great museum! I’m not sure how we just now discovered it on this trip, but we’re glad we corrected that oversight.

The cost is only $17 per person to explore, but you can add a drink voucher to that and get access and a drink for just $25 each. The bar is well worth the added cost.

The displays, video features and ambiance are all top notch! You could easily spend a couple of hours here and feel like you more than got your money’s worth.

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