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Advice from a Weather Man

Day 14 - Thursday - September 22

EC/NE Camping Adventure 2022

We broke camp in a downpour on this morning, but we had checked the weather the night before and actually put everything up late Wednesday night. So, we avoided what would have been a soupy mess. Carrie always teases me about checking the weather everywhere we go - I think she thinks it’s a bit of an obsession with me. 😜 Actually, I have always been fascinated with weather. Funny story - as a kid (7 or so) I would present our family with the weather report at our evening meal. I made the map, the sun and rain images to stick on the map, the big “H” and big “L” (I had no idea what a High pressure front or Low pressure front was at the time). 🤣

I would make my family watch it while they started their meal. I think it was because I knew how intently my parents watched the weather - as dad always had the TV on when we ate dinner so he could catch up on news of the day, weather and sports. It seemed like weather was the most important, however. So, I figured if it was that important, I needed give it to him first hand! 😜😂

But enough about my childhood. I was a strange kid. 😁

We figured since it was raining as we left, we would hop on a train and stay warm and dry and still take in the scenery. We spent our late morning on the Hobo Railway at Lincoln. The crew was a little astounded at the turnout as I think there were only about a dozen people on the entire train. They said they had never seen such a small number of passengers before on their train. I’m sure the heavy rain was the culprit.

The train ride was very nice and honestly the rain didn’t detract from our enjoyment in the least.

In the afternoon, we made our way to our next campground, Tree Farm Campground in Springfield, VT. The owners of this campground are super nice and just down-right lovely people. They gave us a few tips on nearby sights and we inquired about covered bridges in the area - which north of Springfield, up through Chelsea, there are many. We had enough daylight to drive to a few, getting a few photos of each. We ended the evening in the lovely and picturesque town of Woodstock and dinner at Dr Coburn’s Tonic. Great food! And,wow, Woodstock is the quintessential Vermont town, for sure. We made a note to come back on a future trip and explore this town more thoroughly.

Our Friday is a road trip through southern Vermont and more covered bridges. ❤️

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