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A Redhead in Jamestown

Last Saturday, on our way back home from a week in the Finger Lakes of New York, we made a quick stopover in “Lucy Town” - Jamestown, Lucy’s hometown.

We are sad that we don’t get to attend the Lucy festival this week in Jamestown, but plan to do some Lucy celebrating as her birthday on August 6 draws near. And, we get to host an I Love Lucy tea the day after her birthday, on Sunday!

On this visit we drove by her childhood home (sat on the very same porch where Lucy once sat), visited Lucille Ball Memorial Park and grabbed a few photos downtown before we had to quickly get back on the road. It’s always nice to visit Jamestown and feel a little closer to Lucy. 🥰❤️🥰

While visiting Lucy Park, we ran into another fan who asked to take a photo with me! And, we grabbed photos with the two very different statues of Lucy. I can’t help but feel sorry for the sculptor, David Poulin, who’s statue that was dedicated in 2009 became known as “Scary Lucy”. You know that his intentions were good, he just missed the mark - SO badly. The second statue by Carolyn Palmer was dedicated in 2019. Her work is gorgeous, and represents Lucy so well!

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