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A Funtastic Friday!

We started the afternoon off with a visit to Lady Tron’s diner in New Albany, IN. This little sandwich and soup diner is “out of this world” good! We have been trying to get by this quirky little place for some time now. We finally made it happen and it was so fun! The food was great and the conversation was delightful, not to mention all the great classic space decor. Come to find out, Jeff knew both of the friendly folks behind the counter! In fact, he took piano lesson’s from John’s mom (Kaye Finn) when he was in grade school, and he also knew Summer’s (owner of Lady Tron’s) family from growing up. We tried the Ripley sandwich (pulled chicken) and both the Tomato Basil and Black Bean Chipotle soups. SOOOO good! The actual dining car is a Valentine portable steel diner manufactured in Wichita Kansas in the 1950s. It has been several different restaurants over the years and started as a dining car back in the 1950s but we are so glad that it is Lady Tron’s now! We love film noirs and murder mysteries and anything Agatha Christie! The remake of Agatha Christie’s Death On The Nile was next up! We caught the matinee showing and took in the gorgeous sights, clothes, and great mystery down the Nile. A great whodunnit movie that we highly recommend.

Later in the evening we headed up to Paoli, IN at the invitation of a friend to take in a classic old time radio show - Hoosier Hometown Live. Great local talent from Orange County and wonderful way to end the day!

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