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A Cincinnati Getaway Weekend

While our little trailer is tucked away for the winter, we still like to do some traveling. This past weekend we headed up river to Cincinnati, OH!

This is such a great river city! Cincy is one of my favorite stops for vintage clothes shops. There are several in town, but we always make sure to hit Talk of the Town and Casablanca. I found a new addition to my vintage wardrobe at both!

We grabbed a late lunch at Findlay Market. SO much food in one location! Fresh fish, fresh meats, and prepared foods as well.

Our late day Saturday included a stop at Jungle Jim’s! Holy cow!

If you never paid a visit to this gigantic international supermarket, you should do yourself a favor and visit. They have two locations in Cincinnati. They are both enormous! And, you can find food from every country in the world! It’s truly fascinating!

Next up, we visited a little hole-in-the-wall speakeasy - The Blind Lemon. We got some great gin cocktails tails before heading to another local favorite for dinner, Andy’s Mediterranean Grill! SO much good!

Sunday morning we grabbed breakfast a local favorite diner, Hathaways. This place has been around since the 1950s and that great mid-century vibe is still strong! Following that stop, we visited the American Sign Museum. The neon glow in this museum is AMAZING! And, the history of the many signs is also fascinating. It started out as the dream of one man who wanted to share his collection with the public. It is now a glowing museum of advertising art!

Thanks Cincy for a great weekend!

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